Half of June is behind us and we are still dancing. Last week we practiced empathy with Yasmeen Godder. A group of amazing dancers emerged from the Open Call for local performers, who prepared the performance WRECK - The list of extinct species with Pietro Marullo. One of the highlights of this year's festival was Jan Martens. The Flemish choreographer together with 17 performers brought a performance to Prague's Hybernia Theatre, which received a standing ovation from the audience.

There is one last week left until the end of the festival. What awaits us in it and what you shouldn't miss? An interactive performance by Helene Weinzierl, a workshop with the duo Olivia Court Mesa & Yochai Ginton, the music-dance duo Ingrid Berger Myhre and Lasse Passage, and on board the ship we will find ourselves with the ensemble Peeping Tom, which culminates this year's TANEC PRAHA festival.



CieLAROQUE/helene weinzierl (AT): IT'S ALL ABOUT

It's All About... human proximity. In the interactive performance by the Austrian choreographer Helene Weinzierl, where there is no shortage of exaggeration, the protagonists are not only three male performers, but also the audience. First in their own world, then in their relationship to others, in order to create a new reality together. Behind the seemingly funny encounters, however, lies the absurdity of today's society.

What is life about? About EVERYTHING and NOTHING.

22. 6. | 19:00 | Moving Station, Plzeň
23. 6. | 18:00 | National Library, Gate A,, Prague
24. 6. | 18:00 | National Library, Gate A,, Prague



THE COMMON BODY WORKSHOP Olivia Court Mesa & Yochai Ginton

As we move through life, we develop patterns, habits, and tendencies. Is it possible to break free from them? Have you ever found yourself dancing with someone who constantly lifts you or takes on the role of the base?

THE COMMON BODY is an exploratory laboratory where participants have the opportunity to discover a wide range of physical actions with the awareness of an articulated body, using creative pathways while dancing with a partner.

The workshop is intended for professional dancers. The entire workshop length is 2 hours.

25. 6. | 10:00 | Krenovka Studio, Prague



Ingrid Berger Myhre & Lasse Passage (NO/NL/BE): Panflutes and Paperwork

What does “dancing to music” really mean? And how do you create music for dance? In this duet, Ingrid Berger Myhre and Lasse Passage playfully examine the relationships between dance and music, using scores as tools to uphold structure over skill, method over indulgence. The title of their duet alludes to the contrast between the wet and the dry: Panflutes, on the one hand, are playful and passionate, Paperwork, on the other, refers to notation and sounds bureaucratic. The tensions between these states play well with tired conventions in the famous choreographer-composer constellation. With both tools at hand, Ingrid and Lasse invent games that re-negotiate their rule.

22. 6. | 20:00 | Divadlo 29, Pardubice
24. 6. | 19:00 | Plum Yard, Malovice
26. 6. | 20:00 | PONEC - dance venue, Prague



Peeping Tom (BE): Diptych: The missing door and The lost room

We will end the festival with the Peeping Tom company. In a closed space and on board a ship, in the two parts of the Diptych: The missing door and The lost room, we go into a dark world on the border between reality and dreams, in which we are as lost as the eight protagonists. We are looking for an exciting way out in the scenes that are typical for the Belgian group Peeping Tom. A scene full of surprises, absurdity and exceptional dance and acrobatic performances, moving almost beyond the limits of human possibilities. Thanks to the impressive visual and sound effects, we feel like we are in a movie, only to find out that we are watching our own life. We will not forget this stormy voyage into the most hidden corners of the human soul for a long time.

27. 6. | 20:00 | The Karlin Musical Theatre, Prague



Tereza Lenerová (CZ): Taxon five

A “taxon” is a designation for a group of specific organisms that have common specifications. A new taxon evaluates whether or not it is an advantage to learn to live with a new body or to get rid of it. Its mutating body, which is just learning to walk, does not know its possibilities. We follow the process of transformation, as if the body transforms like an open source code. The new creature is locked within the limits of its development and slowly subdues the prostheses that "nature" has given it. For now, it can only touch the verticality.

27. 6. | 13:00, 14:30, 16:00 | Benedikt Rejt Gallery, Louny 


POCKETART / Johana Pocková, Sabina Bočková (CZ): The Lion's Den UNLIMITED

The Lion's Den unlimited is a special version of the original duet by Sabina Bočková and Johana Pocková, which features fifteen pairs of professional and non-professional dancers. With its strong emotional charge and high intensity, the performance is inspired by the media, populism and their power to manipulate. Its transfer to public space and the involvement of the general public shows the social power of dance as a participatory art that expresses itself on current social issues, and in a fun way.

21. 6. | 18:00 | The Courtyard of Choceň Castle, Choceň
26. 6. | 17:00, 19:00 | Skvrňany Housing Estate, Plzeň 


Adrienn Hód, Martina Hajdyla Lacová, Soňa Ferienčíková (HU/CZ/SK): SOFT SPOT

SOFT SPOT is an experimental physical performance born out of the collaboration between dancers Martina Hajdyla, Soňa Ferienčíková and choreographer Adrienn Hód. Through improvisation and research of the physical body, they explored the relationship between body, personality and meaning. What do we perceive when we look at the human body? What do the face, gesture, posture and movement tell us? How do we communicate through the body with others? SOFT SPOT plays with the blurring of human qualities, asks what defines us as humans, and looks for a hidden, sensitive "soft spot" in ourselves.

25. 6. | 19:30 | CO.LABS, Brno
28. 6. | 18:30 | Petr Bezruč, Ostrava