Pina Bausch's The NELKEN-Line – dance happening

Pina Bausch Foundation (DE)

The event is free.
It is suitable for all ages. 

VEN.ku tanci (Open Air event) / Family Friendly

Important information for participants:

You can come to a rehearsal in Moving Station Centre at 3:30pm to get prepare for the happening. If you don't have time, don't bother and join us anyway at 5:30pm in Smetanovy sady! 

With your permission, during the event we will shoot a video which will be published on the websites of the Pina Bausch Foundation and the TANEC PRAHA Festival as well as the social networks of Tanec Praha z.ú.



An invitation for everyone to dance  / DANCE! - Take Part!

When: 12 June 2020, 17:30
Where: Smetanovy sady (Park), Plzeň
We will announce next dates and places of the event in regions soon.


About the project and how to get involved 


"Lines" as a recurring, characteristic element of a series of works by Pina Bausch: repetitive steps and gestures in movement sequences that dancers perform in a long line.

Procession. One of the most famous lines of movement is from the 1982 work Nelken: "Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter". Beauty in simplicity. Tiny and yet expressive gestures tell of the alternation of four seasons performed by dancers advancing in a long line. Everyone is welcome, everyone can join in.

All to the music of Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five "West End Blues". 

Julie Anne Stanzak, a long-time member of Pina Bausch's Tanztheater Wuppertal, has made an excellent instructional video from which literally anyone can learn this movement sequence, whether professional or amateur, deeply familiar with dance or merely curious, old or young. And they can dance anywhere: at home, in the garden, in the office, in the park, in a parking lot, in the woods, on the street… It will happen not only in many places in Europe, but also in Latin America and other continents. This year, TANEC PRAHA is also involved in the project. Become a part of it! Watch the instructional video, so you can join the NELKENline easily. 

Within the worldwide project NELKEN-line many new versions of the original choreography are being created. They differ in the choice of environment and clothing, as well as in protagonists and their abilities. Watch videos!

Thank you for dancing with us!


( Photo: Sala Seddiki. Pina Bausch Foundation)
( Photo: Pina Bausch Foundation)