Pina Bausch Foundation (DE)

Keeping her artistic legacy alive and carrying it on into the future is the task of the Pina Bausch Foundation.

The dancer and choreographer left a complex and exceptionally comprehensive artistic legacy. After her death, her son Salomon established the charitable Pina Bausch Foundation on August 3rd, 2009 in which he has placed her entire artistic legacy in accordance with her wishes. In addition to the vast collection of archive material, this legacy also includes the copyright to her pieces and choreographies and to the stage and costume designs of Rolf Borzik.

Salomon Bausch (Chairman) and Simone Rust represent the board of directors of the Pina Bausch Foundation. Members of the advisory board are Madeline Ritter (Chair of the Advisory Board), Michael Morris (Vice Chair of the Advisory Board), Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Pedja Muzijevic and Breanna O' Mara.

The numerous activities of the foundation comprise the communication of Pina Bausch’s art in a range of events and to different target groups. At presence, however, the foundation’s main task is to set up the Pina Bausch Archive.

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