Urban Birds

A sonic and somatic poem celebrating a seemingly inhospitable place. In an area out of concrete, which we, humans, have constructed and abandoned, new lives are born. We listen - while walking, while standing, while seeing, while feeling… and under the bridge, accompanied by passing trains, we enter dreams of urban birds; the dreams where they found home.


In site-specific performances, I work with what the place offers - sounds, images, materials, texture, energy, etc. The idea of actions and movement come from the offering. I look what is there and what can trigger us, emotionally and physically. The studies and training in DAMU have taught me to listen to the environment, to react to every impulse with utter honesty, to be present and committed at every moment. I move because I have to. As an artist, I work with my body as an instrument, a carrier, a medium, a being that connects the spectators with a slightly different yet intrigued daily reality.


Concept, direction, production
Ran Jiao

Thomas Riccio

Visual Dramaturgy
Adéla Součková

Sound Design
Valtteri Alanen

Joana Simeos, Nirav Morro, Debora Štysová, Ran Jiao 


Ran Jiao is a performance maker based in Prague and Beijing. She graduated from the Directing and Dramaturgy MA program in DAMU. She is interested in “being” in theatre — being (or being with) a human, an object, a voice, an animal, a tree, herself, and being together. She works with her body, sound/voice, text and found objects, seeking ritualistic transformations from within. She looks for and gives a voice to the invisible, the hidden and the voiceless that co-exist in the everyday.