Tomáš Žižka (CZ)

Tomas Zizka (1963) focuses in his work at cooperation on contemporary independent and experimental projects by theatre makers, fine artists, dancers and multi-instrumentalists as well as other non-artistic professions.

After graduating from SUPS in Bratislava, department of carving, and the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre in Prague (DAMU), he worked on various theatre projects (TUJU, Theatre fairs 1987 ’ 89, mamapapa projects) and as a teacher (assistant professor at KALD-DAMU 1990 – 2015 and a number of workshops). His career as a stage designer includes work for Laterna Magica, HA-Theatre Brno, Babkove Theatre Bratislava, Municipal Theatre of Kladno, Grand Theatre Groningen, Théâtre Les Montreurs d'images, Genève, Lofoten Centre – Stammsung Norway. He is an initiator and organizer of a number of site-specific projects in untraditional spaces and situations (3WW3 wastewater treatment plant, Demolice-CKD Karlin, Kvas-Holesovicky brewery within International Festival 4+4 Days in Motion). Most of these project were organized as a collective work by the mamapapa organization.  

Besides creating in non-traditional environments and situations, he focuses on film, documentary, audio-visual works and the creation and implementation of a number of museums and galleries. He implemented and provided expert consultation on the Museum Gate Open Society Fund projects, NZM multi-year experimental project Forest Stories of Trees and People, Recycles, gallery exhibition in the Drak Theatre as part of "Beuys was here", which was devoted to the creative principles of German performer Joseph Beuys, the Nanopolis projects at the New Stage of the National Theatre, Republic Day and presentation of the Pardubice Region at EXPO 2016 in Milan, and many more.