THERE ARE OPTIONS – a physical sketch


What if the next step is to redesign our cities and societies following nature´s principles, processes and rhythms? Nature is a source of harmony and earth is a supportive ground under our feet, a source of nutrition and transformation. Vitality may gain the space again.

Concept, choreography, performance: Markéta Stránská & Carolina Arandia
Music: Tremor: "Malambo"

Markéta Stránská is a dancer, choreographer and physiotherapist, experienced a very successful debut of her work with the solo LeŤ, which was chosen from among the Aerowaves Twenty20. She is a frequent participant in Candoco Dance Company internships in London, she also teaches and this year she created her second work …Or to Be with the French choreographer Jean Gaudin.

Carolina Arandia is a dancer, theatre designer and performance maker based in Prague.
 The axis of her work is based on performativity, choreography and objects. She graduated as a Specialist in Object Theatre, Interactivity and New Media of the National University of Art of Argentina (2019). She develops herself as a performer, researcher, teacher and director.