Are you interested in arts in public space, specific city zones and the cultivation of the urban environment? Do you care about the unavoidable adaptation measures related to the climate change? Are you into interdisciplinary dialogues with architects, landscape architects and artists working in diverse fields?

In collaboration with the Landscape Festival we are launching a project called “The Lungs of Žižkov” (a work-in-progress title). A seven kilometre track around the district of Prague 3 (approximately 2 - 3 hours of walking) interconnects its green zones, thus underscoring the state in which they find themselves as well as the challenge of their revitalisation. Over 20 landscape installations / objects will be installed along the track as an extra artistic contribution. Dance / movement interventions in the public space of the track will result from a dialogue between artists related to both the festival TANEC PRAHA and the Landscape Festival and will be presented to the public at the 2020 editions of the festivals.

Expected dates of the event

Subject to change with regard to the current situation (!)
20/06 + 21/06 2020 TBC
16/09 2020 (PONEC Season Opening), 26 - 28/09 2020 within the event in preparation Praha žije kulturou!

Preliminary schedule

04/2020 - open call; registration of applicants, festival artistic board reflects on the applications
05/2020 - contacting applicants; info meeting with artists / presentation of the project’s concept, individual meetings with / of artists
06/2020 - rehearsals, installations / interventions
(20/06, 21/06) TBC09/2020 - rehearsals, installations / interventions (16/09, 26 - 28/09)


Prague / The district of Prague 3 - Žižkov

Interventions to be held at (a preliminary list)

Train stop Karlín, Florenc – square at Negrelli’s viaduct, Florenc – zones under the viaduct, Florenc – staircase to Vítkov, PONEC - dance venue – High Line Žižkov II., Cultural Centre KRENOVKA and its vicinity, Kostnické Square, cycling line under Vítkov, backyards of the club U Vystřelenýho oka and the café Družstevní kavárna, Tachovské Square, Žižkovské Dvorky, Prokopovo Square, Vítkov park, Ohrada – Brána na Žižkov

Are you interested? We are happy to hear that!
Sign up HERE by April 27, 2020.

We will keep in touch with all applicants and update them on the development of the project under the current circumstances. We hope to be able to reveal a more specific schedule at the beginning of May. The final selection of the projects is guaranteed by the artistic board of TANEC PRAHA Festival.

Why TANEC PRAHA and Landscape?

Through architectonic and artistic installations, exhibitions, debates and happenings, the Landscape Festival underscores public and green spaces as significant attributes of the urban context. The festival defines degraded and controversial areas that can potentially be turned into new centres of cultural and social life and consequently revives them through installations and happenings, suggesting possible future conversions. Likewise, the festival tries to pinpoint the identity of such localities, reflecting upon their soft and strong spots and their values. In the upcoming edition the festival will focus on the base of Tanec Praha, the district of Žižkov. Mid-term development plans of the lower Žizkov are taken into consideration in a synergy of several institutions and buildings: PONEC - the dance theatre (opened in 2001) - KRENOVKA (to be opened in November 2020) - The Hall of Dance at the former Žižkov spa (planned to open in 2023/2024). The larger perspective is the cultivation and better accessibility of the Central train station and the Masaryk train station.