Michal Záhora (CZ)


Michal Záhora graduated from the Duncan Centre Conservatory in Prague (2003). Later on, he was a member of the Norwegian National Company Carte Blanche, a member of Robert Zappala Company in Italy (2004-2005) and Scottish Dance Theatre (2006-2008). As a dancer, he gained experience by working with several Czech as well as international companies and choreographers. He focuses on his own choreographies that he did for example for the NANOHACH company (2005-2016, ex. Synchronicity, Resonance, Orbis pictus, Diptych, Devoid) or within the Pulsar platform (since 2017), where his works reflect socio-historical themes (Concert for NI, Anniversary - 100 Years of Czech Statehood, Celebration – a dance pilgrimage through the landscape, Turn of the End - the theme of a common Europe, Generation X). He served as director at the Duncan Centre Conservatory from 2009 to 2013.