We successfully finished the TANEC PRAHA festival. Together we enjoyed a month full of dance during which we brought over 70 performances from artists from all over the world to 24 Czech cities and towns.



Focus Ukraine belonged to female dancers and choreographers who reflected their life paths after the outbreak of war in their work. It will be followed by the pre-premiere of Together Alone on July 18 from 8 p.m. in the PONEC - dance venue.


Silvia Gribaudi presented the world premiere of GRAND JETÉ in Prague's PONEC theater thanks to which we drew energy from the Italian dancers from the MM Contemporary Dance Company.


Another world premiere was the work of Brazilian choreographer Flávia Tápias who invited Brazilian dancers, artists from the Czech Republic and Ukraine to collaborate. We could see their site-specific project Rotas Afora not only in Prague but also in Broumov, Brno, České Budějovice and Liberec. The project will go on tour in Brazil in August.

WRECK - The list of extinct species

Local artists were also involved in the performance of WRECK: The list of extinct species by choreographer Peitra Marullo who inflated a large black entity three times and released it together with the performers in the Fair Trade Palace of the National Gallery and then on the island of Štvanice.


Protest music took us through the evening at the Hybernia Theatre. Seventeen dancers under the choreographer Jan Martens performed a spontaneous performance of any attempt will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones which left us with many emotions and hope.


We ended the festival with a spectacle on the border between dreams and reality with the ensemble Peeping Tom: Diptych - The missing door and The lost room at the Karlín Theatre which, like the work of Jan Martens in Hybernia, received a long standing ovation.

Oona Doherty, Yasmeen Godder, Olivia Court Mesa and other artists who succeeded within the European platform Aerowaves, completed the series of personalities from abroad.



We organized 3 workshops with foreign choreographers which were attended by almost 70 dancers in Studio Krenovka.



A total of 17 events were held as part of the accompanying program, both in Prague and in the regions. It included, for example, discussions with artists, film screenings and other events.

"This year was exceptional. The festival's role as an important co-producer also brings risks, but our bet on both authors of world premieres paid off. A number of young artists have been given the opportunity in Prague and in the regions, and the audience's responses are still resonating," founder and director of the TANEC PRAHA festival Yvona Keuzmannová summarizes.


Look back at the year 2023 in our photo gallery.


Thank you for a wonderful year of the TANEC PRAHA festival and we look forward to seeing you again in the next one.