Žižkov. A tangle of streets, courtyards and balconies that has always had and still has its peculiar charm. Long regarded as a neighbourhood for the poorer classes, life took place here in public places – and this remains so today. People meet, and without necessarily trying to, share common experiences. The locals are proud of their "Republic of Žižkov". They do not consider themselves Praguers but Žižkovites. Kostnické Square is proof of this atmosphere and energy, and you will rarely find yourself alone here!


The creative team brings together several generations of graduates of the Duncan Centre Conservatory, who combine a similar perception of contemporary dance art and insight into the work. The use of improvisation, based on which an idea is connected with a physical action, offers the possibility of a creative approach for each performer. The concept and structure are created by some of Duncan's first graduates Jana Látalová, Lea Švejdová and Marta Trpišovská and choreographers representing the youngest generation Žaneta Musilová and Ester Trčková, who are part of the SPOLK art group.


Lea Švejdová graduated from the Duncan Centre Conservatory (1997) and P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. She worked in the international group Déja Donné and was a co-founder of the Nanohach group. She currently teaches at the Duncan Centre Conservatory and collaborates with the Post bellum institution.

Marta Trpišovská graduated from the Duncan Centre Conservatory (2001), obtained a bachelor's degree from HAMU, where she majored in dance science (2007), and is currently completing her master's studies, majoring in dance pedagogy. She is currently collaborating with the SE.S.TA Centre for Choreographic Development on the project School of Dancing, teaching at KDC and, in collaboration with Jana Látalová and Lea Švejdová, preparing an original project focused on connecting movement with voice.

Jana Látalová works as a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. She studied at the Prague Dance Conservatory, graduated from the Duncan Centre Conservatory (2001) and is currently studying dance pedagogy at HAMU. She deals with work with children with a focus on movement and dance education in the children's studio Altík, the Vrané primary art school and in the Tanec Praha project Dance for Schools.

Žaneta Musilová is a graduate of the Duncan Centre Conservatory and a teacher in a dance studio. As a performer and choreographer, she is part of the SPOLK dance group.

Ester Trčková graduated from the Duncan Centre Conservatory and is currently studying choreography at HAMU. She works in the SPOLK dance group as a performer and choreographer. In addition to dance and choreography, she is interested in theatre and its connection with dance.


SPOLK is a creative association of artists and friends. It consists of graduates of the Duncan Centre Dance Conservatory, who have decided to continue creating together. They are characterized by an interest in a deeper exploration of the chosen topic and a distinctive dance performance using less established forms of movement art. In 2020, the group completed two residencies at Studio Alta and at the PONEC Theatre.

Concept, choreography
Jana Látalová, Lea Švejdová, Marta Trpišovská Vodenková, Ester Trčková, Žaneta Musilová
Jana Látalová, Marta Trpišovská Vodenková, Lea Švejdová, Ester Trčková, Žaneta Musilová, Jaro Ondruš, Michal Vodenka, David Králík, Kateřina Jabůrková
Jana Vöröšová - klávesy, piano, Anna Štěpánová - housle
Mariana Novotná