Insectum In Prague – open rehearsal

Silvia Gribaudi (IT) & Tereza Ondrová (CZ)

Online performance – open rehearsal – 8 December 2020


Supervision and direction:

Silvia Gribaudi

Dance and choreography :

Tereza Ondrová


Daniela Řeháková

Photos and visuals :

Marek Bartoš


in June 2021 at the TANEC PRAHA 2021  International Festival


The project was created with the support of:

Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Prague City Hall,  Studio Alta, REZI.DANCE – Komařice.

The project was co-produced by:

Tanec Praha z.ú./ TANEC PRAHA – festival and PONEC – the dance venue.

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Insectum In Prague

is a solo project for one dancer and performer.

This project is inspired by the In-sectum concept created by Elisabetta Zavoli and Sara Michieletto.

Tereza Ondrová created the lonely character of Mrs. Vltavská a few years ago (directed by Anna Polívková in the performance The Cases of Dr. Touret). Even in the new project, she continues this motif of character creation with an emphasis on the combination of dance, perspective and humour. The new project Insectum In Prague, which was created under the direction of Silvia Gribaudi from Turin, Italy, intensively deals with the connection of dance with irony, emphasizing the body itself and the relationship with the audience.

The global pandemic also affected the development of this project – not only as regards the impossibility of meeting and creating together – but also in thematic terms. What happened during the pandemic, the state of emergency, and the quarantine was a special stopping moment. Naturally, it detached us all from certain (often stereotypical) everyday and work activities, and led some of us to nature. The Insectum In Prague project, directed by leading Italian performer and dancer Silvia Gribaudi, is created in collaboration with Italian visual artist Elisabetta Zavoli and Italian violinist Sara Michieletto. The two women have prepared an artistic manifesto in which they would like to raise the profile of environmental issues. They particularly highlight the INSECT, which is generally neglected because it is small and therefore insignificant to many people. The word INSECTA comes from the Latin word insectum, which means "that which is sliced" – to define the class of animals belonging to the Arthropods, whose bodies are divided into parts.

The first online presentation of this solo will take the form of an open rehearsal.

After winning the Czech Dance Platform 2016 award for her performance in the production AS LONG AS HOLDING HANDS, which was presented by Roberto Casarotto (director of dance projects at Centro per la Scena Centemporanea di Bassano del Grappa and Operaestate Festival Veneto), Tereza had the opportunity to go on a choreographic research trip to Bassana del Grappa. This opened a new world for the dancer and choreographer, as she met with leading personalities of the young Italian dance generation. The artists fascinated her mainly with their own studies, their work with the local community, with the local space of the museum, but also with their excellent technique, emotional impact and powerful stage presence. She did not miss a single year of the summer festival in Bassano del Grappa. After repeated meetings with artists such as Alessandro Sciarroni, Daniele Ninarello, Silvia Gribaudi and Francesca Foscarini, Tereza decided to approach two strong female personalities of the contemporary Italian scene to collaborate. This creates two drastically different dance projects – two different strong female and promising tandems – In-Sectum (Silvia Gribaudi) and IN BE-TWEEN (Francesca Foscarini).