An Insect's Day - Workshop in action

Tereza Ondrová, Silvia Gribaudi 

Tereza Ondrová & guests

Michaela Raisová a Fedir Kis


If you want to participate in the workshop, register by May 25 HERE


Workshop is presented by the International Festival TANEC PRAHA in collaboration with  GHMP as part of the accompanying program Bio Troja.

The selection of locations in Troja Chateau is consulted with the castle gardener Maria Steinerová.

The public presentation of the outdoor workshop in the GHMP Garden of Troja Chateau takes place on 29. 5. at 5-6 pm.

Do you ever feel like an insect?
Have you ever experienced this feeling?:
Little but full of power.
Little but fast.
Little but full of colour.
Little but full of love and passion.
Lets explore together the power of insects.
Can human beings find inspiration in the beauty of insects?
For insects, community is very important.
Can this power and value become also our power and value?


About workshop:

The workshop is for individuals, couples, groups of people, families with children, who like to move and dance, who sometimes experience similar feelings as insects and who feel like insects from time to time. 

The workshop will be led by dancer Tereza Ondrová and guests. This workshop in action, which is open to the public at the time of the event, will take place in the gardens of Chateau Troja and is part of the upcoming production INSECTUM in…Prague. The authors of the project are choreographers and dancers Silvia Gribaudi and Tereza Ondrová. In their work they intertwine dance and theatre, always with an emphasis on some form of lightness and irony. Their choreographic strategies are based on research through the body, the relationship with the audience and the emphasis on the social framework in which the production or workshop takes place. During the pandemic, the choreographers asked themselves various questions. What would life look like if we saw it from an insect's perspective? Can another living creature inspire us so much that we change our own lives? They were looking for answers through the use of their bodies. How to revive the physicality of self-irony and dance with humor? How can dance and play revive the perception of our body and create a playful atmosphere?