Dear Viewers,

After weeks of intense work and monitoring the development of the pandemic, we are finally ready to declare that the festival WILL TAKE PLACE. It will be different, it will be local and it will be a bit shorter, but it will happen and you can join us!

We are continuously publishing a new, alternative program of the TANEC PRAHA Festival 2020, which reacts to current events and, with a sense of perspective and respect, complies with the hygienic recommendations. We are dancing onward as best we can. And we will be delighted if you dance with us – in Prague or 17 other cities and towns throughout the country.

We have decided to dedicate this year's festival to the domestic art scene. In Prague, you can look forward to, among others, the premiere of the new work Struggling with Language (link), a site-specific project by Lungs of Žižkov, featuring over 30 Czech and Slovak artists, and DUETS taking place behind the glass walls of the Trade Fair Palace. In the regions, we will present an outdoor version of the successful production PLI, the family LEGOrhythm or the electrifying Lion's Den and others. However, there will be no lack of international flavour; we plan to present their work online together with the originally invited artists. New dates for the originally planned events are being discussed and we hope that we will be able to bring you the first batch in the autumn.

We have been thinking for a long time about how best to follow all the measures and while not depriving you of a 100% dance experience. In addition to the performances in the theatre we will present many of the events in the open air, so that there is plenty of space for all those interested. We are closely monitoring the development of the situation and we believe that our new plans are truly final. :)

We start in two weeks. Come dance with us!