TANEC PRAHA Festival 2002 | 5 – 29 June 2002

PONEC had its first season behind it and in the years to come became the main festival venue. The length of the festival thus extended for almost the whole month of June, and having its own facility helped significantly to involve Czech artists more in international cooperation. A great deal of thanks for the development of this independent scene is owed to Libor Gross. Suzanne Linke attended the festival in person with Reinhild Hoffmanová, and the duo of Metzger – Zimmerman recalled the powerful experience of Anomalie. Karine Ponties returned and Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan took the audience's breath away. In the unforgettable Moon Water – a masterpiece by Lin Hwai Mina – the intricately created slight incline emphasized the mirror effect of running water in the moonlight. For the first time ever the festival used the space of the Prague Castle, starting with the South Gardens and ending in the Old Royal Palace, including the Vladislav Hall, where an extensive site-specific project created space for collaboration between Czech and international artists.