DANCING MUSEUMS: The Journey to Normal

Kateřina Šedá (CZ)


DANCING MUSEUMS – The democracy of beings is an action research project (2018 – 2021) designed to support and build long-term collaboration between dance organizations, museums, universities and local communities, and to develop inspiring and long-lasting artistic and cultural programs that people in these communities are interested in getting involved in. Tanec Praha's partner for the Dancing Museums project is the Prague City Gallery and the selected artist is dancer and choreographer Tereza Ondrová.

As a part of this project, there will be a Prague International Workshop for artists How Can We Embody the Artwork and the Art Space, and How Does It Change Our Perception? between 14-19.06. In response to the current situation marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop program has been transformed to allow for attendance without the necessity of travelling physically to Prague.

As part of the workshop, we are preparing activities for the public which includes online presentations by Kateřina Šedá and online lecutre by Tomáš Žižka. 



Video Presentation The Journey to Normal by Kateřina Šedá (20')

At the beginning of the presentation, the author will present two projects in which she dealt with the phenomenon of mass tourism and its impact on everyday life in different localities. In the UNESCO project, she founded a fictitious company that offered a new job in Český Krumlov – running a normal life full-time. She then employed 15 families who lived in this place for three months and found out what else the city could handle. In the Something for Something project, which she implemented in the Lofoten Islands in Norway, she offered tourists on Airbnb an overnight stay in caravans. But they did not pay for them in money, but by doing a good deed for the locals. 

In the second part of the presentation, the author will focus on the current situation, where in some places tourism has almost disappeared and people have seen what the real void looks like. It is no longer assumptions about a possible open-air museum, but a reality that has been fully exposed. A unique opportunity has arisen to take advantage of this situation and start behaving differently in both roles – as a tourist and as a local. "Normal" is not in fact what disappeared from various places a few months ago, but paradoxically that which has returned to them.


Photo: Michal Hladík