For all regardless of age. Children welcome, when accompanied by adults.

Byström Källblad (choreografka Anna Källblad, výtvarná umělkyně Helena Byström)

Jitka Čechová, Tereza Holubová, Natalie Tun, Lenka Gregarová, Sumin Sung, Emily Jane Steele, Michaela Dašková, Martina Hajdyla Lacová, Natálie Podešvová, Jana Maroušková, Da Costa Cécile, Talia Marie Preis, Natálie Vacková, Yana Reutova, Liudmyla Ponomarchuk, Olena Korotkova, Anastasiia Pavlovska, Alessia Obinu, Mar Izquierdo López, Katia Coser Galtés

Tina Axelsson 

Jenny Winterqvist

Big Pulse Dance Alliance, Kreativní Evropa EU, Swedish Arts Council 

2017, Dansens Hus, Stockholm 
Big Pulse version: April 9, 2022, Olot at Sismògraf

Majestic rulers look down on us from the backs of bronze horses, and their power and male dominance are before our eyes every day. Where is the space for women? And what story do we want to pass on to future generations? In the site-specific choreography City Horses by Swedish artists Anna Källblad and Helena Bystrom, the "herd" / group of dancers gallops through the city, creating a living monument in motion and celebrating the strength and courage of women across the centuries.

The human–horse herd will stay in the individual locations shown in the map for a relatively short time, the performance is based on the dynamic movement along the route. We recommend people with reduced mobility, families with children, etc. to follow our social networks, where we will inform about the approximate times at the individual places.



Photo: Martí Albesa
Photo: Martí Albesa
Photo: Martí Albesa
Photo: Martí Albesa