The key visuals for the TANEC PRAHA 2019 advertising campaign received extraordinary recognition – Comtech_CAN, which in cooperation with photographer Bara Prášilová created key visuals for the 31st TANEC PRAHA Festival on the theme of curiosity, was awarded gold for best photography at the ADC Awards / Louskáček. In addition, videos from the same workshop presenting the TANEC PRAHA Festival 2019 were published in Shots magazine.

"The judges appreciated both the craftsmanship – the photography and design – and the connection with the topic of curiosity, which most were able to recognize," explains Roman Čihalík from the Comtech_CAN agency. "They found it interesting that the 'strange' photography aroused their – that is the viewer's – curiosity, and the fact that the characters in the visual have their backs to us and are staring over the horizon, thus both depicting and inviting curiosity. So I think it was very important to 'recast curiosity into the visuals' and we did," he added, smiling.

Also participating in the creation of key visuals were dancers Markéta Jandová, Zuzana Havrlantová, Adam Orszulik and Jan Razima. The cinematographer of the spot was David Markovič, music – Floex (Tomáš Dvořák – collaborating among others with Tereza Hradilková), post-production – Tomáš Chabrus Hájek, styling – Milina Havrlantová, hair styling – Salon Petra Měchurová, production – Petra Hanzlíková / Tanec Praha.

This year, for the first time, the festival's efforts to address the widest possible audience, to attract reputable advertising professionals and to present contemporary dance in an attractive and comprehensible form, were recognized.

Mottos of the previous years' campaigns included: "We Are Not Responsible For Your Imagination", "And What Draws You to TANEC PRAHA?", "Dance Against Prejudice" and "Age Never Mattered Less", always in cooperation with highly professional creative people.

The TANEC PRAHA international festival plays a key role among the most prestigious events of which the Czech Republic can boast. It was awarded the highest prize for its 25th anniversary, receiving 1st place in the last year of the EU Culture program (2013) with a 100% score among 236 festivals of all genres in the EU.

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