TANEC PRAHA Festival 2019 | 3 – 22 July 2019

About the 31st annual festival

In 2019, the TANEC PRAHA Festival will enter the fourth decade of its existence. The 31st TANEC PRAHA International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Movement Theatre will take place from 3 to 22 June in Prague and in 20 Czech towns and cities. It will be held in the spirit of "curiosity as the gateway to experience".

This year you can look forward to three major events of the season. The festival will be launched by spontaneous Korean choreographer Eun-Me Ahn, who captivated audiences with her Dancing Grandmothers at last year's anniversary festival, with the performance Let Me Change Your Name. The next event of the season will be the performance OCD Love by Israeli dance group L-E-V DANCE COMPANY, which is closely linked with world-renowned choreographer Sharon Eyal. Also accepting an invitation to the festival was French choreographer Yoann Bourgeois.

This year, TANEC PRAHA will present a number of prominent international artists, for example from France, Switzerland and Israel, and even from as far afield as Madagascar, Indonesia and Ghana, who will also visit the regions outside the capital. In keeping with tradition, Czech artists will have a significant presence in the program.


About the campaign

This year's TANEC PRAHA Festival will have a new visual look, which it created together with the Comtech Can agency and renowned photographer Bára Prášilová, a winner of the Czech Grand Design award in the Photographer of the Year category. The campaign motto is "Curiosity is the gateway to experience".


The creators had this to say about the campaign: "Curiosity is a basic human characteristic. It is natural to discover, to get to know something new. These are the moments that push us forward, broaden our horizons, force us to leave our comfort zone. For the 31st annual TANEC PRAHA Festival we have prepared a campaign that reminds people that curiosity is the engine of knowledge and personal development."



TANEC PRAHA 2019 official trailer from Tanec Praha on Vimeo.


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