TANEC PRAHA Festival 2014 | 26 May – 26 June 2014


Australian Lucy Guerin provocatively opened the festival in PONEC, where most of the laboratories and also the premiere of the co-production of the festival took place with Spitfire Company. From the 25th year co-productions became a regular model of support of Czech creation on the part of internationally renowned events. The program included Israeli artists, including Einat Ganz, who would also later return to collaborate with Czechs. Unforgettable, however, were both events at the conclusion of the festival. First of all the courageous project of Alain Platel with multitalented Africans, which he selected in the Congo, entitled Coup Fatal, and later the return of Cie Marie Chouinard, who again impressed with her perfect images inspired by Henri Michaux. In the same year, Štěpán Kubišta and Rosťa Novák opened another space for new circus and dance – Jatka78.


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