Every June, the TANEC PRAHA International Festival brings a diverse range of dance and movement arts to the culmination of the season. But what was the last one? How many times have you postponed a show and how do you manage to keep the team together? How about giving everyone a burst of optimism and the joy of working in a public space?

Join us this year in exploring and discovering the magic of Lower Žižkov even more thoroughly! 

The Gordian Knot on the border of Prague 1, 3 and 8, lower Husitská and its constant changes, showcases, courtyards, stairs, dead ends, green areas, squares and the demonic Vítkov Hill – these are our challenges, all co-created by the genius loci of a seemingly inhospitable part of the district. 

A site-specific project can take many forms, but no one knows what the rules will be in June. This challenge has two aspects: to explore Lower Žižkov, to discover what has not yet been discovered in it, to come up with ideas for its revival, animation, and diversification with artistic experiences. But to do this, it is necessary to consider the safety of spectators, social distancing, and movement restrictions – a tough nut to crack.

Not discouraged yet? Do you want to create something in a public space and connect with other artists and experts of the locality? Is your team available at the end of June and in the first half of September 2021? Come with us and let's do it!


How to apply?

I. Send us a brief, structured motivational e-mail:

  • what attracts you to the challenge, interests you, fascinates you? 
  • who you are, contact info, your experience, or link to a recently implemented work
  • what creative team would you like to involve in the implementation of the project?

Please send everything by 23 April 2021.

​II. The artistic council of the festival will go through the materials of all the applicants and we will contact you by the end of April.

III. We will invite selected artists/teams to a discussion with experts (from the point of view of history, architecture and urban planning) and then select locations in terms of a common concept.

IV. By the end of May, we will conclude contracts with selected artists so that they can work on the preparation of the project.

Project implementation: 25 – 27 June 2021
Second (repeat) implementation: 11 – 12 September 2021

Contact: alena.brozova@tanecpraha.eu