PONEC – dance venue was entrusted with a clear mission from me: to serve as the premier stage for contemporary dance in the Czech Republic. I see no reason for its profile to deviate from this vision. Additionally, I established the Czech Dance Platform with a distinct purpose, a vision that remains steadfast, even though the way the Dramaturgical Council operates is changing. I commend Martin Macháček for his exceptional stewardship of the council alongside its new, international team this year. The TANEC PRAHA Festival now operates under new management, and this year's program reflects a collaborative effort between myself and Markéta Perroud. The next year will be curated by a new international Arts Council.

There are no fundamental changes here; all three primary initiatives we have gradually cultivated continue to develop in the right direction. I am confident that the overarching challenges facing the severely underfunded dance community stem from collective feelings of insecurity and a perceived threat to our very existence.

The PONEC Theatre's strategy will not change in any way. In the summer, I discussed a change in the method of artistic management with the Board of Directors. I view the establishment of an external Arts Council, rather than relying solely on a single individual to decide the entire program, as a significant step toward enhancing transparency and coherence within the theatre's dramaturgy. Nothing more, nothing less. Within the PONEC internal team, three key individuals will liaise with the members of the Arts Council and compile necessary materials: the program coordinator, a member of the PONEC communications team, both equipped with expertise in the field, and an executive manager. Ideally, the external Arts Council should comprise three to four members who will engage in dialogue with these individuals regarding the theatre's current context, proposals from artists or ensembles preparing premieres, the designation of "associate artist", options for repeat performances, and more. The theatre's program will thus be created in consensus of external experts with his internal team.

In recent months, my focus has been directed towards fulfilling my direct responsibilities, overseeing dozens of grant reports and tenders for additions to the team. I am delighted that, with the invaluable support of our dedicated team members who stayed on and the contributions of new recruits, we have successfully cultivated a fresh energy within the Tanec Praha team in just three months. This promises to enhance our functionality and effectiveness moving forward.

I therefore want to assure everyone concerned that PONEC – dance venue will continue to be a haven for contemporary dance, as it has been until now and as I founded it. I will be happy to answer any questions.


Yvona Kreuzmannová, 
Director and Founder of Tanec Praha and the PONEC Theatre