Workshop with Silvia Gribaudi

The workshop is an experience of the poetic dimension that Silvia Gribaudi researches between the vivacity and presence of the body, where the cathartic dimension of humour and play are embodied in the expression of the body and of the gesture in each person.

Through a proposal mixing contemporary dance training and clown, with a focus on the value of the fall, imperfection and mistake are considered as an expressive opportunity.


Silvia Gribaudi is a choreographer and a performer from Turin, Italy. In her work, dance combines with irony, she perceives dance, theater and music always with an emphasis on the body and the relationship with the viewer. Her international career was launched by the solo A corpo libero (2009), for which she received numerous awards and invitations. At the TANEC PRAHA 2021 festival, she received a standing ovation for her humorously conceived work GRACES, and the following year she premiered the duet INSECTUM in Prague in collaboration with Terezá Ondrová. GRAND JETÉ is a co-production of European dance festivals within the Big Pulse Dance Alliance network, and TANEC PRAHA festival presents its world premiere.


The workshop is intended for professional dancers. The entire workshop length is 2 hours.