Judith Olivia Manantenasoa


Judith Olivia Magpayo Manantenasoa

Light Design

Volahasiniaina Linda Angelica

Live music

Benoît Mardelle - electronic music and drums 

Bruno Lasnier - electric guitar

composer: Benoît Mardelle

name of the composition: metamorphose#2014


YODINE Produções



2015 Centre National de Danse a Pantin


Supported by

The Lovatiana Company of Madagascar, The company Aléa des possibles Madagascar, The Circus school in Madagascar


Special thanks

The Rary Company of Madagascar

The performance contains nudity. 

The daring solo Métamorphose is the personal confession of a dancer and choreographer from Madagascar, but also of an entire female generation. She reveals her strength and defiance, as well as her fragility, fears and dreams. We become witnesses of the dynamic human transformation of a strong African female personality, from stoic calm and stability to wild, uncontrollable madness. In stark contrast to the warm, intimate light, the performer removes one outer garment after another, destroying taboos, until she achieves a sense of total freedom.


( Photo: Quito Tembe)
( Photo: Quito Tembe)
( Photo: Quito Tembe)
( Photo: Quito Tembe)
( Photo: Quito Tembe)