Created and performed by

Tereza Ondrová, Helena Arenbergerová, Helena Araújo, Halka Třešňáková, Martin Talaga


Petra Tejnorová


Marta Ljubková


Adriana Černá

Lighting design

Katarína Ďuricová

Sound design

Dominik Žižka

Preparatory workshops

Jaro Viňarský, Matthew Rogers, Peter Šavel


VerTeDance, danceWATCH / Karolína Hejnová

Can an abstract art such as dance be explained? And can it be explained by dance? Petra Tejnorová, a director who has constantly crossed genres, has attempted to create a "brief manual for frightened audiences." With a healthy dose of irony, she has assembled several "lessons about an endangered species," taking a detached view of contemporary dance and its actors. It opens up space for the personal confession of dancers – co-creators, but mainly for playing with the spectator – both the frightened ones and aficionados. All participants had an equal part in the creation of the performance, including Tereza Ondrová, Helena Arenbergerová, Martin Talaga, Helena Araújo and Halka Třešňáková.


( Photo: Jiří Šeda)
( Photo: Jiří Šeda)
( Photo: Jiří Šeda)
( Photo: Jiří Šeda)