​Informations for visitors

Thank you for helping us to comply with all the measures that the situation will require.

  • Please read the Covid related conditions for visitors.
  • Your temperature will be measured at the entrance to the theatres, where you will also find hand disinfectant.
  • We recommend purchasing tickets online on our website, on the website of the co-organizers or on GoOut.cz. When purchasing a ticket at the box office, you will be asked to fill in your details for possible tracing (name, e-mail address and telephone number). We will not use your contact details for any other purpose. After 30 days, this data will be destroyed.
  • If you notice symptoms of the disease, please stay at home. Do not go to the theatre if you know you have been in contact with a person who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. If you do not feel well during the event, contact the theatre staff. If you are in a risk group, consider whether it is wise to visit.
  • After entering the theatre, use disinfectant – it will be available to you right at the entrance and in the toilets.
  • Please pay attention to the current news for individual performances on our website and social networks.

How we look out for your safety

  • Surfaces that are often touched (doorknobs, handrails, railings, etc.) and toilets are always disinfected before your arrival.
  • We ventilate the theatre premises as much as possible.

In accordance with the opinion of the Government, Tanec Praha z.ú. is not liable in case of infection. The visitor acknowledges the risk and his or her decision to visit is voluntary. Thank you for your responsible approach and consideration for other spectators and our staff!