Hygin Delimat / Body Architects (PL/AT)

Body Architects is an interdisciplinary performing arts company with dance at its core, founded by Hygin Delimat, a Polish performer and choreographer living in Austria. It consists of athletic performers of mixed backgrounds in contemporary dance, contact improvisation, fresh movement such as breakdance, tricking, parkour, alongside musicians, visual and new media artists. The repertoire of works include House Beating, Architektur + Tanz, as well as the newly emerging dance work The B-Team.

Hygin Delimat - choreographer and performer, lives and works in Vienna/Austria and internationally. The artistic director of Body Architects. He studied at the Anton Bruckner University (Movement Research M.A.). As a dancer Hygin has worked with Elio Gervasi, Georg Blaschke, Willi Dorner, Rose Breuss, Juliette Villemin and Johanna Roggan. In 2013 he was selected for BKA StartStipendium and DanceWEB (Ivo Dimchev as mentor), in 2015 for Linz Kunstförderstipendium and in 2017 for BKA Auslandsstipendium in Portugal (Rui Horta as mentor). His own choreographic works have been produced and performed in Austria and in some European countries (co-productions, Artists-in-Residence programmes): Architekturforum Linz, Aura Dance Theatre Lithauen, Komuna/Warszawa, Derida Dance Center Bulgaria, Michael Douglas Kollektiv Köln, Klub Żak Gdańsk) and also in 32 Degrees East Kampala, Uganda. Particularly interested in interdisciplinarity, Hygin works with artists from various fields of art, including contemporary composition (Hannes Kerschbaumer, Alexander Chernyshkov), visual arts or new media. In his artistic work as a performer, Hygin integrates philosophical approaches to urban movement art and somatic methods. www.hygindelimat.com