Czech Dance Focus for PQ+

Concept and choreography

Věra Ondrašíková

Light design

Dan Gregor

Software architect & Live Programming 

Michal Rydlo


Filip Míšek


Jaro Ondruš, Josef Kotěšovský


Marta Ljubková


Hana Frišonsová


Lucie Špačková, Tomáš Grúz

Supported by

PONEC – divadlo pro tanec, Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Magistrát Hl. města Prahy, AV MEDIA-technologický partner představení, Nethemba, DAMU, RPiShop, Czech Centres,,



45 min

What if one day we could look back at our life – would there be things we might want to do differently? Would we be able to avoid what we now see as mistakes? If we could ask for advice, what questions would we have? An audio-visual piece in which back then and now become one. Artists, accompanied by live music by Filip Míšek, take us to a completely surreal, magical world without borders. On the contrary, it breaks and shifts the light walls and mental barriers, all in incredible purity and precision, which pertains not only to technology but also the expression of both performers. They are precise and yet natural and human. Jaro Ondruš was awarded Dancer of the Year for this piece in 2016.