TANEC PRAHA Festival 2020 | 4 – 25 July 2020

32nd International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Movement Theatre


Concept, construction, deconstruction, adaptability, flexibility, creativity, reactivity, proactivity, adaptation, freedom, non-freedom, art of the possible… how many things do we create and reshape, what is going through our minds at this time and how much do we have to relearn? It‘s a challenge, a test, a game … In any case, one thing remains certain this year as well – LET‘S KEEP ON DANCING! The TANEC PRAHA Festival is not abandoning its bold plans. In 2020, it is opening the largest space in history for domestic artists, with a deep conviction that they have something to offer. At the same time, it is not giving up on the international context and is intensively discussing options with potential guests in connection with the opening of borders. The first stage of the festival was successfully held on 4th – 29th June 2020, not only in Prague, but also in 17 other Czech municipalities. We called the second stage TANEC PRAHA – Second Breath. We will try to present the planned projects with Slovak, Hungarian and Italian artists in Prague and put the site-specific Lungs of Žižkov project into a complete shape at the end of the Landscape Festival. We will try to move the original program of artists from Brazil, Indonesia/Singapore, Israel and William Forsyth to 2021. Autumn will be guided by the same motto we‘ve had all year: LET‘S KEEP ON DANCING!

Yvona Kreuzmannová, Director and Founder 17 September 2020 


Final report HERE.