TANEC PRAHA Festival 2008 | 1 – 25 June 2008

The crisis scenario, thanks to the absurd cuts by the notorious Prague council, dampened plans for the jubilee 20th anniversary. The decrease in the proposed grant by 90% also discouraged the rejuvenated team from continuing in its efforts to grow the festival and PONEC. It was the biggest crisis in the history of Tanec Praha. The founder of the festival invited Respekt Awards to its opening and watched the curtailed program. Rami Be’er again came with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. Also making a big impression was the Swiss project öff öff productions. For the first time ever the TANEC PRAHA FOR KIDS event took place as a prologue to the festival. After the festival and upon consultation with the Managing Board, Yvona Kreuzmannová returned to the head of the non-profit organization and embarked on a project of renewing its team and vision. In the autumn of that year Leoš Válka opened the DOX Centre of Contemporary Art in Prague's Holešovice district. Ten years later, it was the site of another interesting space for dance – DOX+.