TANEC PRAHA Festival 2001 | 7 – 27 June 2001

The year 2001 was marked by the reconstruction of the PONEC Theatre. The festival used the space right away, even before the completion of construction works. A television broadcast, a 90-minute program called "Dance around Ponec" and a documentary on Czech Television Brno brought attention to Tanec Praha right before the opening of the first season of this dance venue. The culmination of the festival was the Solos evening at the State Opera, a moving and provocative retrospective of the work of Marie Chouinard. Unbelievable things were happening at PONEC, thanks to Sheketak from Israel or Beatrice Libonati, a long-standing member of the Wuppertal dance theatre of Pina Bausch. Catherine Diverres performed in Prague and elsewhere, and last but not least Karine Ponties, whose many return visits in the years to come would bring new discoveries for Czech artists.