TANEC PRAHA Festival 1994 | 17 June – 3 July 1994

Two crucial venues opened in Prague: the Archa Theatre and the Duncan Centre Conservatory. Danat Danza or Savion Glover with other American step dancers turned Archa "upside down". Angelin Preljocaj created a tribute to the Ballets Russes. Sasha Waltz fascinated audiences as a so far unknown, but newly emerging star, although her Travelogue remained part of the ensemble's repertoire for more than 20 years and symbolically returned to the Czech Republic during the Plzen program of the TANEC PRAHA Festival 2015. Hervé Diasnas also returned to Prague. Czechs got involved in several international projects, for example with Tanzfabrik Berlin, Hervé Diasnas or the American Sarah Skaggs, and also presented their own works. These were the first steps towards international co-production, at first only ad hoc opportunities, but the festival definitively and regularly included them in its plans from its 25th anniversary in 2013.