Festival Tanec '90 | 2 – 13 July 1990

The situation matured into a truly sophisticated and unlimited festival of contemporary dance only after November 1989, which also was reflected in the spectacular approach of the so-called Tanec '90 festival, which was still under the Prague Cultural Centre (management: Stanislava Doubravová), but with significant contributions from several local experts and Swiss partners from Berner Tanztage (Michaela Pavlin). The year 1990 was absolutely crucial for the further existence of the festival. On the one hand it was clear that the Prague Cultural Centre would cease to exist; on the other, there was interest on the part of the Ministry of Culture and the Prague City Hall in preserving this promisingly developing event, even though contemporary dance was still in the process of finding an audience. Le Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève was not short of big names: Ohad Naharin, Mats Ek, Christopher Bruce. The London Contemporary Dance Theatre presented legends of modern dance, like Paul Taylor and Robert Cohen. The program also featured smaller Swiss ensembles, the American Lines Dance Company as well as local artists. For the first time, performances were also presented outside of Prague, in Brno and Bratislava.