The Prague International workshop of the project Dance Museums - Democracy of Beings: How Can We Embody the Artwork and the Art Space, and How Does It Change Our Perception? with a new subheading How to be together when we can't be together? is organised by Tanec Praha in cooperation with Prague City Gallery and the the dancer Tereza Ondrová and is held from Sunday 14th till Friday 19th!

In project research  Tereza Ondrová deals with the topic of tourism, how to "empty" the streets of the centre of Prague and "fill" the gallery space with people/visitors.

The workshop program consists of online and offline activities and invites participants to take part in the Shared Day, Audio Walk, Avatar Project, workshops, moderated discussions, working  sessions and a partners' meeting.

As part of the workshop, we are preparing activities for the public which includes online presentations by Kateřina Šedá and Tomáš Žižka. 


 Monday 15.6.2020, 19:00 video presentation: The Journey to Normal by Kateřina Šedá

At the beginning of the presentation, the author will present two projects in which she dealt with the phenomenon of mass tourism and its impact on everyday life in different localities. The author will focus on the current situation, where in some places tourism has almost disappeared and people have seen what the real void looks like.

 Tuesday, 16.6.2020, 19:00 Performative lecture in the time when you meet the pandemic instead of the panda by Tomáš Žižka

A doctor is a doctor, a teacher a teacher, a priest a priest... their roles are clear. What role does the artist have in society? How long will the phantasm of "social distance" last behind the necessary veil of a state of emergency? We cannot move or avoid the issue of the virtual world and digital entertainment.


We will  inform you about current events during the workshop here at social media and  also you will have a chance to check out published daily from 14.6.2020 till the end of the workshop here: