Clarice Lima & coll. (BR/PT/SI)


Clarice Lima (BR) 
dancer, choreographer, teacher and director. Graduated from Amsterdam School of Arts/ MTD (2006, NLD) and her trajectory is marked by an intense artistic production, with national and international visibility. With her dance platform FUTURA she develops partnerships and creative strategies, moving between the languages of dance, performance and visual arts.  

Catarina Saraiva (PT)
works between the European and South American continents. At the moment she is the curator of Linha de Fuga festival (PT). She continues her connection with the South America with several projects, institutions and artists. She was the curator of Movimiento Sur (CH) and of Panorama Festival (BR). She's interested in the development of critical discourses and the production of knowledge through art and in the synergies that can be developed between the two continents. 

Nina Fajdiga (SL) 
choreographer, performer and teacher. Graduated at Amsterdam School of Arts / SNDO (2007, NLD). In 2006, she was awarded as the most promising young choreographer by Amsterdam’s ITS festival. Her works have been supported by European Cultural Foundation, Slovenian Ministry of Culture, produced and co-produced by DWA Amsterdam, Huis aan de Werf Utrecht, La Caldera Barcelona, Tanzhaus Zurich and shown in various international dance festivals. As a performer, she has collaborated with artists from all over the world. 

Aline Bonamin (BR) 
graduated in dance at Anhembi Morumbi University (BR). Since 2013, she has worked in collaboration with Clarice Lima at FUTURA as a performer and choreographer assistant in the works Árvores/ Trees, Dance Hurts, Supernada EP01 and Bichos Soltos among others. She works as a performer with Cristian Duarte (BR) and Uxa Xavier (BR).