Foto: Vojtěch Polák

Can you hear us? Sound check for Future


A group of children occupy an adult space. The Czech voice of Greta confronted with the opinions of Czech children. On the fringes of the group, personal testimonies and facts. A documentary performance.

Concept: Mathias Straub, Linda Straub, Philipp Schenker
Directors: Linda Straub, Philipp Schenker
Director’s assistant: Teresa Weiser
Sound engineer: Mathias Straub
Performers: Dismanův rozhlasový dětský soubor: Mateo Klimek, Mia Klimková, Magdalena Müller, Johanka Racková, Kryštof Racek, Anežka Rösslerová, Nina Rudišová

Duration: 30min

Spielraum Kollektiv is a free theatre group of creators around Linda Straub and Mathias Straub, focusing mainly on site-specific and documentary theatre. In their experimental work, the group often relies on the principles of movement and art theatre.