TANEC PRAHA Festival 2013 | 27 May – 4 July 2013


The numerous reductions in grants starting in the crisis year of 2008 was the reason for the persistent deficit, culminating in shocking wide-ranging cuts to grants for live art on the part of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic in the 25th jubilee year of the festival. By the end of March the festival was in crisis mode, and cancellation seemed imminent. Then came the results of the program of the EU Culture festival. In a competition of 235 European festivals in all genres TANEC PRAHA came in first place. The EU grant saved the jubilee 25th year, making it possible to hold the festival as planned, and including two Events of the Season – the Flemish ensemble Peeping Tom and popular British choreographer Akram Khan, this time with the breath-taking solo DESH. The gala opening of the 25ht anniversary festival featured legends of previous years Lin Hwai Min, Ohad Naharin, Jorma Uotinen and Palle Granhøj. Other big names performed not only in Prague but also in 12 other cities and towns in the Czech Republic.


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