About TANEC PRAHA 2020




32nd International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Movement Theatre

Concept, construction, deconstruction, adaptability, flexibility, creativity, reactivity, proactivity, adaptation, freedom, non-freedom, the art of the possible… how many things have we created and reshaped, what has been going through our minds in recent weeks and how much do we have to relearn?

It's a challenge, a test, a game – but one thing is for certain – WE WILL DANCE ONWARD!

The TANEC PRAHA Festival 2020 had bold plans and we are certainly not giving up on them. But international projects must necessarily be postponed, perhaps except for Slovak artists and a few other foreign performers who have remained in the Czech Republic.

This gives us all the more chance to immerse ourselves in collaboration with domestic artists, with artists of different generations, many of whom successfully represent us abroad and right now are here, ready to figure out ways to revive public space, to face the constraints that no one can predict in advance when touring the regions.

The tenacity with which the Czech independent scene has faced these tough circumstances is admirable, including the production and technical teams. And no less amazing is the determination of our 17 regional partners to take an active part in the festival, which they eagerly look forward to every year. Let us not forget that all this would not have been possible without the supportive attitude of the Minister of Culture and the Prague Councillor for Culture. Many thanks to everyone!


What can we look forward to in June 2020 at TANCEC PRAHA?!

For starters, a globally shared, sensitive project by the Pina Bausch Foundation, which invites you to dance to Armstrong's music in a public space. The-NELKEN-Line is an invitation to dance for everyone.

In line with our plans we will present the premiere of the co-production project Wrestling with Language, on which Florent Golfier, one of the founders of the art association tYhle, is working. We will present it in PONEC for a limited number of spectators, and therefore three times.

How to follow the government's complicated health regulations without cheating the audience out of the uniqueness of experiencing a live performance? Věra Ondrašíková offered us a unique concept in which she will perform four sequences from the internationally acclaimed production GUIDE in one day. From 5 p.m. spectators will arrive every hour, settle into a seat PONEC at appropriate intervals, enjoy about 20 minutes of dance dialogue and new technologies, and again at appropriate intervals free up space for other spectators, while in the meantime the theatre is disinfected.

Petra Tejnorová and Temporary Collective for a change are experimenting with the production of DUETS behind the glass "walls" of the Trade Fair Palace.

The culmination of the Prague part of the festival will be the Lungs of Žižkov project. TANEC PRAHA again planned to cooperate with the Landscape Festival, this time on a significantly larger scale. It published an open call for the domestic art scene and was genuinely surprised by the enormous interest in the cooperation of artists from various fields on the themes of ecology, urban greenery, public space and the cultivation of the environment in which we live daily. Thirty-six artists or ensembles showed interest in getting involved and sharing different perspectives on the given topics. They will take care of the culmination of the June part of the TANEC PRAHA 2020 festival.

We will try to bring much of what was prepared internationally at the beginning of March to the audience in the online environment. We believe that before presenting recordings of works that we intend to present live as soon as possible, it will be better to introduce the individual creators, their way of thinking, the contexts of their work and brief "appetizers".

Even under the current conditions, we are thinking about an accompanying program. In our view, it should have two levels. In one we are interested in pointing out the significant international involvement of the Czech dance community, respect for it in European networks and projects, and active participation in the discourse being conducted across the countries of Europe and other continents. The virtual environment will enable new forms of dialogue and Tanec Praha will bring them closer to the professional public.

The second important dimension of the work of our professional artists has a vital community aspect. Continuous work with children, open lessons for seniors, and space for the low-threshold Husita club all happening throughout the year. Involving seniors is still risky right now, but we will offer children from the Children's Studio of the PONEC Theatre a weekend concentration full of creative games and a demonstration of their work for the public. Romani talents are dedicated to music and dance, whether with traditional roots in faraway India or popular new trends, including rom-pop. The festival intends to involve them in the Lungs of Žižkov project.

For seniors, but also for teenagers connected with the Hungarian artists who were preparing their projects for June, we are looking for an alternative date in the autumn, when we believe that the conditions will allow us to implement the second phase of the festival in an adapted form.

The 32nd annual TANEC PRAHA Festival will in any case be different. It opens the largest space in history for domestic artists, with a profound conviction that they have something of value to offer. At the same time, it has not resigned itself to forgoing the international context and is intensively discussing possibilities for touring once the borders reopen. We will certainly be seeing audiences in the autumn as well. Whether we stay only in Central Europe or any of the big announced events succeed is in the stars. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Yvona Kreuzmannová, 15 May 2020


About the new visual campaign

Dear Viewers,

Due to the current situation, this year's TANEC PRAHA Festival will be different than we are used to, and the same goes for the advertising campaign. We tucked the almost completed campaign, elaborated in detail by the world-famous photographer Evelyn Benčičová and the Comtech_CAN agency, into an imaginary drawer, and we believe that we will pull it out again in a year. This year we want to reflect the current state of society, but also the state of the festival and our minds. 

Within 14 days, a completely new campaign was created (and is still being created), to which we invited the artist, choreographer, set designer and director Marie Gourdain, who is originally from France, and whose performances will tour the whole country as part of the festival. We used her drawing of a character that disintegrates, folds, rearranges, adapts, but still is there. Just like the festival. Do not hesitate to add your own meanings and feelings to it, everything that is going through your head...

We dance onward!

And merch? We'll HAVE THAT TOO! More details soon. #staytuned

Ivana Poláčková, Tanec Praha Communications Manager  


Praha, Brno, Broumov, České Budějovice, Hradec Králové, Choceň, Jihlava, Karlovy Vary, Kladruby, Liberec, Malovice, Olomouc, Ostrava, Pardubice, Plzeň, Sušice, Tábor, Trutnov, Ústí n/Orlicí, Volyně, v jednání: Manětín, Ústí n/Labem, Ústí n/Orlicí, Varnsdorf, Vrchlabí

Clarice Lima (BR): TREES
Ginevra Panzetti & Enrico Ticconi (DE/IT): HARLEKING
Choy Ka Fai (DE/SG/ID): SoftMachine: RIANTO
Ingrid Berger Myhre & Lasse Passage (NO/NL): Panflutes and Paperwork
Lia Rodrigues (BR): FÚRIA
Silvia Gribaudi Performing Arts (IT): GRACES
Sylvain Bouillet and Lucien Reynes - NAÏF Production (FR): Des Gestes Blancs
Tamara Zsófia Vadas / Ábris Gryllus / Márton Emil Tóth (HU): NIBIRU
Tereza Ondrová (CZ) + Francesca Foscarini (IT): IN BE-TWEEN / part one (Working title)
tYhle / Florent Golfier (CZ/FR): Zápas s jazykem (TP co-production / premiere)
William Forsythe (DE/USA): A Quiet Evening of Dance (Event of the season)
YOSSI BERG & ODED GRAF Dance Theatre (IL): When Love Walked In

Plíce Žižkova - Site-specific project in cooperation with Landscape Festival (CZ)
Žižkovské Mezidvorky - outdoor project (CZ)

Barbora Látalová, Tereza Říčanová (CZ): Kozí kraviny
Cécile Da Costa (CZ/FR): Roselyne
Ingrid Berger Myhre & Lasse Passage (NO/NL): Panflutes and Paperwork
Martin Talaga (SK/CZ): SOMA
Sabina Bočková, Johana Pocková (CZ): Jáma lvová
tYhle/Marie Gourdain (CZ): LEGOrytmus

+ Accompanying program - exhibitions, moderated discussions with artists, workshops, conferences